Every visit makes you feel young again. And children are well looked after too. Cycling round the island, never knowing when you might have to swerve to avoid bunny rabbits or lizard. 

Soneva Fushi is the original desert island hideaway. Fifty-five vast, multi-bedroom villas or private residences are hidden among dense foliage within touching distance of a pristine, Biosphere UNESCO protected coral reef. Watching movies in Cinema Paradiso, counting Saturn’s rings in the Observatory. Deciding between sixty flavours of ice cream. Eleven types of pillow. Five hundred different wines. Three to nine bedroom villas. And nine dining options too. 


  • 24 Hours Reception Service
  • Dive and Water Sports Centre
  • Dolphin Cruise
  • Excursion
  • Fishing
  • Local Island Visits
  • Massage
  • Picnic in uninhabited island
  • Sand Bank Picnics & Beach Barbecues
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Spa
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Wi-Fi
  • Yoga and Meditation


  • Crusoe Villa
  • Crusoe Villa with Pool
  • Soneva Fushi Villa 2 Bedroom with Pool
  • 2 Bedroom Crusoe Suite with Pool
  • Villa One
  • Villa 11
  • Crusoe Villa 2 Bedroom with Pool
  • Sunset Retreat
  • Sunrise Retreat
  • 3 Bedroom Crusoe Suite with Pool
  • Jungle Reserve
  • Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool
  • Villa 14
  • Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool & Treehouse
  • Villa 15
  • Soneva Fushi Villa Suite 2 Bedroom with Pool
  • Crusoe Suite 1 bedroom with pool
  • Soneva Fushi Villa


  • Mihiree Mitha
  • By the Beach
  • Nine
  • By the Bar
  • Fresh in the Garden
  • The Wine Cellar
  • Bar(a) Bara


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